Our sustainable commitment

To be an actor of change towards an eco-responsible economy
Our reflection is daily to improve our involvement and adapt our activity.

– Improvement of our carbon index towards better management of logistics on our events (transport, choice of local partners of proximity etc…)
– Gray water filtration through plants
– Dry toilets

Realization of our commitment at COY 12 and COP 22 (2016) in Marrakesh: Installation of an eco-bivouac on the eco-lodge site Aloe Agafay from 03 to 18 November 2016 (Route du Lac Lalla Takerkoust – Douar Oumnass)


– Electrical supply: photovoltaic panels
– Dry toilets
– Filtration of greywater from showers by aquatic plants
– Solar water heater
– Preparation of meals with local producers who use Permaculture to raise awareness of nutrition
– Green coal
– Recycled glass
– Design and manufacture of an oven and a solar cooker for presentation to the public

Terres de Fêtes

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